EVA (European Visual Artists) is an association of European image management organisations. The association has offices in Brussels and works to ensure that image creators receive fair conditions and rights under European and international legislation


OLA (OnLineArt) is an association of image management organisations through which global rights are exchanged for the use of images online. OLA consists namely of management organisations from Europe, the USA and Australia and it also collaborates with its Latin American sister organisation, LAT-ART.


CISAC (la Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs a Compositeurs – in English: the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) is an association for all types of management organisations from across the world. VISDA participates in CISAC through its partnership with CIAGP, which is a special group within CISAC for image management organisations.


CISAC/CIAGP establishes frameworks for international administrative cooperation between management organisations. This is done through the production of standards for good and transparent rights management and through administrative regulations and procedures for international rights clearance and the distribution of remuneration. Among other things, CISAC has introduced the international IPI database system for the identification of image creators. This identification system makes it possible to find the right author and pay remuneration to them.


Image management organizations abroad

VISDA collaborates with image management organizations worldwide to ensure the protection of copyright as well as payment for the use of works across countries.

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