Foto: Martin Bendix
Foto: Martin Bendix

Remuneration for visual creators

Being a registered artist with VISDA – Visual Rights Denmark or one of our many partner organizations abroad, you are sure to receive remuneration when your works are used. Here you can read more about what that means and how you can register.

This information is for artists with permanent residence outside of Denmark. Please click here for information for artists residing in Denmark (available in Danish only).

International cooperation
VISDA is part of a global network of copyright management organizations for visual artists. We have collaboration with organizations in more than 40 countries around the world.

In the context of this cooperation, we exchange royalties, which makes it possible for the artist or heirs to an artist to collect royalties collected by us at their local copyright management organization.

Please click here to find a list of our international partner organizations.

The copyright management arrangements administered by VISDA
At VISDA, we work at ensuring copyright-based income for visual creators in a number of different ways. The core activities are the mandatory collective copyright management, for which VISDA has been appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture to collect, allocate and distribute royalties to all visual creators.

Such arrangements include Artists Resale Right and Extended Collective Licensing.

Please click on the links above to learn more about these arrangements.

Registration under all of the mentioned arrangements is free of charge for all artists and their heirs. When we pay out royalties, we make some deductions to cover our costs and to support social, cultural and educational foundations that support visual creators

Our deductions are as follows:

Artists Resale Right 15 % administration fee
Reprography 12 % administration fee + 10 % deduction for social, cultural and educational foundations
Reproduction rights (including online) 20 % administration fee
TV 20 % administration fee

How to register

To read our agreement on management of copyright click here

Please use this form if you want to register

If you are heir of a deceased artist, please use this form instead

In order to allocate and distribute remuneration, it is necessary for VISDA to register and process personal data. Please click here to learn more.

Are you owed money?
If you are a visual artist, a photographer or the heir of an artist, you may be owed money for the use of your works. The vast majority of image creators are already registered with us or have been contacted by our consultants in connection with the payment of remuneration. In some cases, however, it has not been possible for us to get in touch with the rightful recipients of money collected.

Click here to find out if you might be owed money as an image creator.


If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone (+45) 31 40 60 00.