Foto: Simon Klein-Knudsen

VISDA – Visual Rights Denmark

Since 1986, VISDA has built bridges between artists and customers. Today, we represent more than 160,000 Danish and international visual creators.

We have established a far-reaching national and international network of customers, who use art in education, books, movies, museums, TV, the internet, in corporations, and in other connections.

Approved by the Ministry of Culture
Authorized by the Ministry of Culture, VISDA negotiates image licensing on behalf of all artists and photographers.

Also, we are appointed by the Ministry of Culture to distribute money to artists for the use of their works in various contexts as well as for commercial resale of works of art.

VISDA is a non-profit organization. The money goes back to the artists – thereby ensuring creation of new art. We are an independent association, created by the artists’ own organizations.